Current role: content design at BMO

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New tone guidelines

A 200-year-old bank had a “voice and tone guidelines” document as part of its digital transformation, but the guide had two problems:

  1. It didn’t have actual tone guidelines.
  2. It was a 20-page PDF.

I stepped up with a framework to help the bank modulate its tone for a range of everyday situations.

Clarifying confusing marketing

The bank’s marketing department had launched a new promotion to encourage the use and adoption of Air Miles credit cards, having just acquired Air Miles the year before.

Their existing landing page wasn’t cutting it, though. They came to the design team for help.

Improving conversions

A bank was updating a credit card product, stopping all applications for 60 days before the refresh. The marketing department wanted to put an “under construction sign” on the product page for that entire time.

I thought we could do better.

Accurate information architecture

One of the bank’s product design teams needed to build a multi-product signup flow for multiple people—up to four people at once, in fact.

I leaned in temporarily from another team to see if content design could contribute to the solution.

Simplifying complex financial products

I’ve spent a lot of time building clear mental models for confusing financial products. Some examples include:

  1. Mortgage renewals
  2. Credit builder programs
  3. Secured credit cards

Documenting enterprise CMS know-how

The bank spent untold sums of money adopting an enterprise content management system over 3 years, but very few people understood how to operate it when I arrived. It was plagued with bugs and configuration oversights, too.

I took it upon myself to learn how it worked through practice and making mistakes. Then I documented my mental models and extensive bug workarounds for the design org to use for learning and quick references.

Other contributions

Award for excellence

A few months into joining, the managers put me forward for a an award for excellence and culture (the “Lucille Award”).

Accessibility content library

I created a library of English and French accessibility content (alt text and ARIA labels) to improve consistency, mitigate compliance gaps, and to reduce translation wait periods for less frequently used phrases.

Agile process improvements

I worked with the Scrum Master and QA Lead to introduce some process improvements, especially where the company’s CMS platform presented complications.

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The Bank of Montreal brought me on to help them build content design system standards, processes for their enterprise CMS, and a fresh perspective on their UX practice.


Meta recruited me as a content designer to improve the internal tools that power sales and support operations for tens of thousands of employees pushing advertising solutions every month.

Shopify logo and word mark.


I joined Shopify as a content designer to promote its logistics and fulfillment service. I worked with product UX and marketing teams to create a cohesive experience experience across the app and everything related to it.

Employed Historian

Liberal arts grads are diving into job markets for which their education never prepared them. I'm creating the roadmap and resources I wish I'd had to build my early career.

aha insurance

Canada’s insurance industry leaves a lot to be desired, so I joined up to give it a kick in the pants. My responsibilities included content and SEO strategist, editor, copywriter, web analyst, UX writer, and ad writer.

Honeypot Marketing

I joined in the middle of a Black Friday sale that generated $70,000 for one client, then continued to grow into the team's Content Marketing Manager.

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