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One of the world’s largest advertising platforms lost over a billion per year to technical issues and poorly documented (or absent) troubleshooting processes.

This left sales and support staff without the tools to help advertisers in their moment of need. It also left a literal fortune on the table every year.


  • Time frame: 7 weeks
  • Components: existing
  • Format: application

The challenge

This project had multiple challenges:

  1. The content serviced multiple non-technical user types: sales, support, product experts, and even on-call engineers.
  2. The product’s other features and surfaces did’t work reliably.
  3. Most issues hadn’t been documented properly anywhere in the company over the previous 5-10 years.

Here’s how I tackled it all.

The process

Immersing myself in the product

I explored the product to figure out why some. ofthe existing content wasn’t helpful. It turned out the UI was confusing and the features in this didn’t work reliably. If navigational elements existed, they rarely matched the troubleshooting content.

Learning the technical ad stack

I had to learn the technical elements of the advertising engine’s tech stack without being an engineer. This meant scouring the company’s outdated (and incomplete) knowledge base for whatever I could find. Then I cross-referenced  what I found with existing content and, later, SME input.

Hunting down subject matter experts

Precious little was documented, so I tracked down subject matter experts across all areas of the company: engineering, auction science, product specialists, and policy experts. I recorded their input, iterated, and gained their approval to legitimize the new content.

Creating a new information hierarchy

The content was far too short for anyone to understand the technical complexity of the problems they flagged. I created new headings to cover the problem statement, technical context, and the solution. This offered structure for newcomers and better scanning for veterans.

Engineering quality assurance sessions

I led two live sessions of technical quality assurance with the team’s engineers and the product mnager. I collected their tips and concerns for each piece of content, then followed up on it with the appropriate subject matter experts for solutions and final technical sign-off.

Before and after

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