Agencies spend so much time on client work that they often forget to market themselves. I made sure that didn’t happen after being promoted to Content Manager at Honeypot Marketing.

I conducted keyword research, coordinated the content calendar, edited everything, and oversaw publication for the agency’s podcast. On top of client work.

Dozens of Seminar Attendees

As a Google Partner, Honeypot Marketing held co-branded events to explain digital marketing on certain topics. My email campaigns for these Google Partner events earned the agency 15-25 attendees every time.

Over 30,000 Facebook Live Views

The owner started Live at the Hive, a podcast that airs on Facebook every Friday afternoon. Live viewership built slowly, but we accumulated 30,000 views of people watching after airing in the first 4 months.

Building a Knowledge Platform

Honeypot Marketing’s owner wanted to scale his business by repackaging services into digital products on a subscription service. As Content Manager I led the charge on in-depth content for the entire platform.

I hired Andrew for his excellent editorial and organization skills, but he quickly became an important part of all of our marketing campaigns. He has a lot of experience with content, social media, influencer, SEO, and email marketing. It was a pleasure working with him and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a mature, hard-working digital marketer who enjoys puns.

Courtney Cassel

Former Director of Digital Marketing, Honeypot Marketing

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