Project: Clarifying confusing marketing

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The bank’s marketing department had launched a new promotion to encourage the use and adoption of Air Miles credit cards, having just acquired Air Miles the year before.

Their existing landing page wasn’t cutting it, though. They came to the design team for help.


  • Time frame: 2 weeks
  • Components: existing only
  • Format: web

The challenge

The existing landing page faced a few problems:

  1. Incomprehensible requirements
  2. Zero calls-to-action
  3. Poorly explained benefits
  4. No page flow

Employees couldn’t even understand it. Other designers were left confused when we explained it in our crit session, and the marketing partners who asked us for help struggled to explain it clearly as well.

This became a multi-sided exercise in:

  • Extracting salient information
  • Reconstructing a mental model
  • Wireframing for the fundamentals

I took this page apart and reconstructed it from the ground-up to create a flow that earned the user’s interest and desire before diving into promotional requirements.

The solution

Clear value proposition

I maintained the clarity of the header, but I also called out the association between the bank and the fuel brand. This primes the user to look for connections between the brand in this promotion.

Digestible information

I extracted the strongest benefits buried in the old page’s FAQs and raised them in the information hierarchy. This is designed to delight users with even more potential savings and to pique interest in other bank promotions.

User-centric mental model

Consulting with my product design partner, we decided to use a tab module to establish a dual mental model for the participation instructions. I clarified the required steps and raised them in the information hierarchy for easy scanning.

Clear next steps

The old page didn’t contain a single button. I rectified that by highlighting the primary action for the target user group: existing Air Miles card holders. Then I added a secondary action to attract non-card holders by showcasing the product that would give them this benefit.

Half the FAQs

The old page had 15 FAQs, and that’s not a typo. I cut that number down by more than half without sacrificing attention to detail. I did this by consolidating repetitive topics and moving core information higher up in the page to set expectations.

Before and after

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